Suarez & Sons, Inc., one of the Philippines' premiere manufacturers of corporate, school and college rings, badges, keychains, awards, giveaways, corporate jewelry and the like, is now ready to be your partner in growth, achievement, recognition and promotions, whether you represent yourself, a school, a sports organization or a small or big company.

Well known in the Philippines for their corporate and college rings for which they supply students of many Philippine schools, colleges and universities, including top military schools, and companies big and small, Suarez & Sons will surprise you with the world class quality of their corporate, school and college rings, awards, keychains,badges, emblems, pins, medals and the like, at incredibly reasonable prices!

Suarez & Sons, Inc. is ready to deliver quality craftsmanship and sincere service to each and everyone regardless of size.



Suarez and Sons was incorporated in 1985 in Manila, Philippines by Rafael H. Suarez II and his father, Felimon M. Suarez as an affiliate of the famed Suarez Bros Metal Arts, Inc. which Felimon co-founded with his brother, Apolinar, in 1953. Since its inception, Suarez and Sons has grown to have a reputation for dynamism and integrity, providing quality service and craftsmanship to prestigious organizations, schools and corporations, locally and for export.



The two S's in gold and silver represent the major materials used by Suarez & Sons, Inc. It also shows the handing down of knowledge and tradition from father to son. The intertwined rings show the partnership between the company and the client and the teamwork put in by the company to deliver the best. The intricate shapes represent the flexibility of the company in its orders, including the available solid or stone tops on the rings. The diamond stands for quality, durability and beauty



The Suarez crest, though quite conservative, projects stability, sincerity and attention to detail.

The engraver, who is the artist, transforms your artwork into a mould using his skill and attention to details, using the convergence of an engraving machine and his handcraftsmanship, which results in the superb detail of engraving, and ensures that each product is a work of art.

The mould, from which all products are shaped and formed, is the very foundation of your order. All the basic requirements and guidance as to your order's specification are incorporated in it.

The engraver's block with clamped ring is used by engravers or by stone setters. It firmly holds objects, and comfortable workings angles are set or moved with ease. The weight of the block keeps the work piece in the proper position. This symbolizes the company's stability, and it's agility and flexibility towards its customer's requirements.

The screw type press is the machine used to stamp the metal with the mould. Just as the machine is determined to emboss the design on the brass, so is the company determined to deliver quality service and craftsmanship to each customer.

The silver cup is the symbol of achievement for each and every order done by the company. Most of all, the company is proud that each product is a work of art. The two lions symbolize the team effort that all employees give to each and every order, big or small. They symbolize all the time and effort devoted to each stage of manufacture, to achieve the team's goal of delivering quality service and craftsmanship. Imagine lions working hand in hand!

The shield is the company's symbol of stability, reliability. With the four quadrants working as a team, Suarez will deliver! The laurels are the symbols for growth, the company's commitment to endless research and development to improve quality and service. Modernizing of machinery and people empowerment and development will always be part of the company's growth.

The motto PULIDO and MATAPAT are two Filipino words which mean quality and sincerity respectively. Quality is in our craftsmanship and our devotion to our work. Sincerity is a trademark of everything we do, from our dealings with clients and employees to the faithful interpretation of your logo and specification.



Special projects include the manufacture of miniature Liberty Bells for the AVON Philippines centennial celebration, commemorative crowns for Coca Cola Philippines centennial celebration, medals for the Southeast Asian Games in 1991 and 2005, a 4" solid gold commemorative coin for the king of Thailand, and the fabrication of the key to the city of Mandaue for US Pres. George Bush.